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Reniu Hair Transplant And Skin Clinic

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We at Reniu, understand how important your skin, hair and body is to you. It is your first impression, so we make it our best implementation. We are in the business of giving you that flawless appearance that you deserve. Everybody craves beautiful skin, luscious hair and a perfect body, and to deliver the same we have brought together both the aesthetics of beauty treatments and the science of dermatology under one roof as a unified service. You are unique and hence we tailor-make our services for your needs. Whether it be hair care, skin services or body care, our in depth expert analysis ensures appropriate choice of treatment giving you the best outcome.

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Just because it's raining does
Just because it's raining does not mean you skip out on your moisturiser. Moisturise everyday and stay healthy! #Reniuskin #reniuhairtransplant #Dr.Manas #bestskincare mysore.
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Acne scar treatment
Acne scar treatment
MOLE removal
MOLE removal
Hair fact KIT
Hair fact KIT INR  1100 INR  945
-14.09 %
Hair fall Therapy
Hair fall Therapy INR  15000